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The latest analyses [1221,1222] show pretty great agreement with J/ photoproduction data at HERA [1169?171,1185] and hadroproduction in the LHC [1142,1144,1182]. On leading of that, the J/ is predicted to be largely unpolarized, in line with all recent polarization measurements; see paragraph d in Sect. 4.five.1. As for hadroproduction, the conclusions are even so contrary to the author's earlier findings [1223], which show longitudinal J/ polarization and cross sections an order of magnitude beneath the CDF production information. In addition they disagree with all the current perform [1224], exactly where J/ hadroproduction at the LHC was studied in the same way, comparing for the exact same data [1142,1144,1182], even when precisely the same uPDFs [1225,1226]2981 Page 80 of 241 Table 14 Colour singlet model predictions for  (e+ e-  J/ + c ) in comparison with B-factory information [1204?206]. As for the theoretical predictions for the leading-order cross section at the same time because the corrections of order O(s ), O(v 2 ), and O(s v two ), we evaluate the outcomes obtained [https://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rstb.2015.0074 title= rstb.2015.0074] in [1207?209]. These calculations mostly differ by distinctive strategies of colour singlet LDME determinations. As for the values of [1208], the leading-order results contain pure QED contributions, the O(s ) He, Fan, Chao [1207] s (2m c ) L O  (s )  (v two )  (s v two ) sum Belle [1204] Belle [1205] BaBar [1206] 20.0 fb 9.0 fb eight.8 fb 2.2 fbEur. Phys. J. C (2014) 74:2981 outcomes contain interference terms with the QED contributions, plus the O(v 2 ) final results involve in aspect a resummation of relativistic corrections, the O(s v 2 ) outcomes do, nevertheless, consist of the interference terms on the O(s ) and O(v two ) amplitudes only. The short-distance coefficients with the O(s ) [https://www.medchemexpress.com/cpi-203.html CPI-203 chemical information] contribution employed in [1207] and [1208] were taken over from [1210]. The experimental cross sections refer to information samples in which at [https://dx.doi.org/10.1089/jir.2014.0001 title= jir.2014.0001] least 2, respectively 4, charged tracks had been identified Li, Wang [1209]  s ( s/2) four.381 fb 5.196 fb 1.714 fb 0.731 fb 12.022 fb (4 charged tracks) s (2m c ) 7.0145 fb 7.367 fb 2.745 fb 0.245 fb 17.372 fbBodwin, Lee,Yu [1208]  s ( s/2) six.4 fb six.9 fb two.9 fb 1.4 fb 17.6+8.1 fb -6.7 33+7 ?9 fb -25.six ?2.8 ?3.four fb (2 charged tracks) 17.6 ?2.8+1.five fb (2 charged tracks) -2.have been employed. Right here, the colour singlet predictions lie once more clearly under the data, as well as the distinction was even utilised to match the CO LDMEs of NRQCD in a kT factorization approach. We note that calculations inside the kT factorization scheme is often performed for any intermediate Fock state in the NRQCD v expansion. Alternatively, even a completely worked out framework of kT factorization at NLO in s could not remedy the problem of uncanceled infrared singularities in colour singlet model calculations for P wave quarkonia.tigated, as might be noticed from contradicting kT factorization final results.
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