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On the uPDFs in the usual gluon PDFs working with varying prescriptions. The latest analyses [1221,1222] show incredibly great agreement with J/ photoproduction information at HERA [1169?171,1185] and hadroproduction at the LHC [1142,1144,1182]. On leading of that, the J/ is predicted to be largely unpolarized, in line with all recent polarization measurements; see paragraph d in Sect. four.five.1. As for hadroproduction, the conclusions are however contrary to the author's earlier findings [1223], which show longitudinal J/ polarization and cross sections an order of magnitude beneath the CDF production information. In addition they disagree using the recent operate [1224], where J/ hadroproduction at the LHC was studied within the exact same way, comparing for the similar information [1142,1144,1182], even when the exact same uPDFs [1225,1226]2981 Web page 80 of 241 Table 14 Colour singlet model predictions for  (e+ e-  J/ + c ) when compared with B-factory information [1204?206]. As for the theoretical predictions for the leading-order cross section also because the corrections of order O(s ), O(v two ), and O(s v 2 ), we examine the outcomes obtained [https://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rstb.2015.0074 title= rstb.2015.0074] in [1207?209]. These calculations [https://www.medchemexpress.com/CY5-SE.html Cy5 NHS Ester site] mostly differ by various procedures of color singlet LDME determinations. As for the values of [1208], the leading-order outcomes include pure QED contributions, the O(s ) He, Fan, Chao [1207] s (2m c ) L O  (s )  (v two )  (s v 2 ) sum Belle [1204] Belle [1205] BaBar [1206] 20.0 fb 9.0 fb eight.eight fb 2.2 fbEur. Phys. J. C (2014) 74:2981 benefits involve interference terms with all the QED contributions, along with the O(v 2 ) outcomes incorporate in part a resummation of relativistic corrections, the O(s v two ) results do, even so, involve the interference terms from the O(s ) and O(v two ) amplitudes only. The short-distance coefficients of your O(s ) contribution applied in [1207] and [1208] were taken over from [1210]. The experimental cross sections refer to information samples in which at [https://dx.doi.org/10.1089/jir.2014.0001 title= jir.2014.0001] least 2, respectively 4, charged tracks had been identified Li, Wang [1209]  s ( s/2) 4.381 fb five.196 fb 1.714 fb 0.731 fb 12.022 fb (4 charged tracks) s (2m c ) 7.0145 fb 7.367 fb 2.745 fb 0.245 fb 17.372 fbBodwin, Lee,Yu [1208]  s ( s/2) 6.4 fb six.9 fb 2.9 fb 1.four fb 17.6+8.1 fb -6.7 33+7 ?9 fb -25.6 ?two.8 ?3.four fb (two charged tracks) 17.six ?2.8+1.5 fb (2 charged tracks) -2.were utilized. Right here, the colour singlet predictions lie once again clearly beneath the data, plus the difference was even utilized to fit the CO LDMEs of NRQCD in a kT factorization method. We note that calculations in the kT factorization scheme is often performed for any intermediate Fock state in the NRQCD v expansion. On the other hand, even a fully worked out framework of kT factorization at NLO in s couldn't cure the problem of uncanceled infrared singularities in color singlet model calculations for P wave quarkonia.tigated, as might be seen from contradicting kT factorization outcomes.
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